Career Opportunities

Explore the newest P27 job openings below and begin your journey in shaping the payments industry in the Nordic region.

As a payment gamechanger we work together with a strong business focus to meet high demands on excellence from our customers. This is crucial to live up to the trust placed in us as a provider of the critical payment services needed in society.

At P27 we invest in our employees – we foster collaboration and togetherness, and work in an open and transparent environment with room for diversity and flexibility.

Our core values – Together, Excellence, Trust, Courage – guide us in our daily work.

From bank project to an operative infrastructure provider – critical for society

The vision of P27 is to establish, within the Nordics, the first integrated region for domestic and cross-border payments in multiple currencies. The platform will initially allow payments to flow instantly between people and businesses within the countries Denmark, Finland and Sweden, something that will benefit growth and development in the region. The name P27 derives from the number of citizens in the Nordic countries, 27 million individuals.

“Change and transformation was what attracted me to join P27. I have always thrived in the challenges that comes with digitalization and transformation. And we are definitely breaking new ground with P27s vision to create the first cross-border payment platform. To achieve our vision – we need empowered and knowledgeable employees that want to join us in our journey to create a company that is both flexible and structured.”
– Paula da Silva, CEO P27

P27 started as a joint project between the Nordic Banks in 2017 – with the aim to create one common state of the art payment platform in the Nordic countries. As of May 2019, we are a company owned by Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, OP Financial Group, SEB, and Swedbank. Today P27 has 70 employees and offices in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

In 2023, we expect our first transaction to go live* – a big step in achieving our vision and to become an operative infrastructure provider. We are now looking for new colleagues that want to play a vital role in our journey of paving the way for the future of payments in the Nordics.

*The official launch of P27 services is subject to regulatory approvals and therefore P27 will not conduct any business activities until required regulatory approvals are obtained.

Our recruitment process

In all our recruitments we do our utmost to create a positive and seamless experience for you.

We ask you to provide a cover letter and CV when applying for a position in P27, or send a video introduction of yourself.

If invited for an interview, you will normally attend two interviews during which you will meet the recruiting manager and a colleague from HR.

The purpose of the interviews is to allow us to learn more about your profile, competencies, skills, motivation, and values. For you, it’s an opportunity to ask questions and find out whether you can see yourself in this role, team, and company culture. 

We evaluate candidates based on skills, competencies, and cultural fit. For most positions, we will also ask you, as part of the evaluation, to complete an ability test. If you are asked to participate in this part of the process, you will always receive feedback on your result. Assessment and testing are carried out by skilled and qualified HR professionals.

Upon completion of interviews and assessments, we perform background checks on the final candidate(s). All candidates are required to provide consent for this step at the beginning of the recruitment process. 

Recruitment at P27 is handled in an ethical manner. Confidentiality, privacy, and equal treatment are ensured in all phases of the process. We welcome all applicants, regardless of gender, origin, religion, age, sexual identity and orientation, or disability.

More background on P27’s purpose and vision can be found here. Current openings can be seen below or on our LinkedIn page.